How our hearts resemble the rings of a tree trunk!



How our hearts resemble the rings of a tree trunk!

I’ll start with this information about trees. In the Forest, all the giant trees that grace the landscape, have their entire life history of many years embedded in their trunks. Those massive trunks that are a lumber man’s delight, tell stories.

When trees are cut, they have rings that reveal their history and story. How old the tree is, and all the experiences of several years are all hidden inside those rings. All the fire outbreaks that the forest ever experienced, when it happened, the droughts, the diseases, the injuries , everything’s all recorded inside the rings of every grown tree.

The science of tree rings is called ‘dendrochronology’. In the cross section of a tree trunk, the youngest rings are smaller and close to the outer edge but the oldest rings are smaller and near the center.  This information is interesting. 

Our hearts as humans are like the rings in trees. The older the unpleasant experience, the thinner (and more evasive) the ring it forms on our hearts. The longer the hurt is allowed to linger, the more damage is done and the closer to our hearts they get. We think time heals wounds but that is not the case. Some people carry these pains for 40 years! Time does nothing, other than presenting opportunities every day to receive healing. Time does not heal. Time does not make all the pain go away. Time presents opportunities, people, places, situations, events and experiences where we would adjust in the way we react – and then receive healing.

 Underneath our calm exteriors, our bogus display of life and living and -yes because this is the 21st century- behind the fine pictures we upload on Facebook – beneath all these thing, there exists inside of us a heart that resembles the rings of the tree, in that it records layer after layer of all the issues we have ever experienced, when we had these experiences and how we felt when they happened. Our hearts carry ancient scars of painful hurts that can be relieved many years later so that, by remembering those events we feel the pains all over again as if we are currently having the experiences. 

These painful memories and scars can eat deeply into people causing several conflicts and difficulties for them in their current lives.

And these things need to be addressed and resolved because denied problems go underground only to appear again as all manner of sicknesses, illnesses, unhappy relationships, painful marriages, bad parenting and a whole lot of other messy issues. 

We may act like all is fine, but in the rings of our thoughts and emotions the records are there, the memories were all recorded and guess what- they are all still very much alive! 

Here’s the problem. All these scars, painful experiences, and unhealed memories, they all deeply and directly affect our feelings, relationships, concepts and personalities. They affect how we look at life, how we look at others, how we look at God. They affect how we respond to issues. They affect how we react to love in our relationships. They affect our default disposition towards life, our attitudes towards work, and our productivity levels and just about everything you can think of.

Our hearts resemble the rings of a tree. You may be all grown now; you may have become whatever it is that you have become, you may have been there and done that; and yes, you may by sheer ‘will-power’ and pure brute force climbed up the rungs on the ladder of society but when we cut you, the rings on your heart will tell the story. Do we even have to cut your heart open? What do you know, by observing the way you react to things, we already know that something must be wrong somewhere. 

Let someone tell me, that many of our politicians and leaders (across sectors and at all levels) are emotionally healthy? 

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