Yes it is.

The concept of success on the part of the human being is a very old
topic, an ancient topic. From culture to culture the concept of
success can be different, so says Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He
observed that there is a drive for success in terms of gaining more
money and more recognition in society. This seems to be the universal
concept of success these days.

The Arcus Dictionary says Academic education means the activities, the
training, the teaching and learning that impart knowledge or skill. It
also means to develop and prepare, especially in school or University.

First, in school, people learn to read and write. That may sound
simplistic but as Aldous Huxley, 19th century English writer and
philosopher opined, anyone who knows how to read, has it in his power
to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exist to make his
life full, significant and interesting. I am yet to hear of a rich,
famous and influential person who cannot basically read and write – an
inevitable factor in the story of success and a key component of
academic academic education.

Next, academic education exposes people to the world of books.
Renowned and successful neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, said reading books
is the road out of ignorance and the road to achievements. Walter
White in an article published March 3rd 2016 rightly pointed out that
the kind of knowledge therein gotten, makes one confident, convincing
and persuasive. Books are an exclusive addendum of academic education
and any assiduous reader of books is headed for success in all its

Interestingly, You hardly hear successful people talk down the value
of academic education. What they do advice is that students read
beyond the scope of school work and pay attention to their passion.
“The minute I dropped out I could stop taking the
required classes that didn’t interest me, and begin dropping in on the
ones that looked interesting.” – Steve Jobs.  Passion leads to
hardwork and consistency, and anyone with these two virtues is headed
for success in any chosen venture.

Remember, that high social standing is part of the definition of
success. I believe this is why parents worry if their children drop
out of school. People can get money without academic education but
getting money alone is not the definition of success. The
Cosmopolitan,an online American magazine, listed successful people
like Emma Watson, Steven Spielberg etc who had to go back to college.
This shows the key role academic education plays in success.

True, a successful footballer may not have gone to any school at all,
but he has a doctor, a lawyer, an interpreter, and these are people
straight out of academic education. The environment called success, in
its entirety must have a touch of academic education.

In conclusion, taking it all in all, we can safely say that academic
education is needed, at one point or the other in the journey of

David Yunana

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