What is Love ❤️

What is Love ❤️

What is Love?
A dear friend once asked me, “how do you know you are in love”. I was bewildered by my inability to answer this question on what seemed at the time an easy concept. Being very much in love then (or maybe I’m still in love, I cannot tell), couldn’t find a logical explanation to his question or how I felt. I once heard someone say you know you are in love “when your head no correct again (not in your right senses). Sounds funny right?, because you feel so very much in control, but really, head no correct again o. The song “when a man loves a woman”, by Percy Sledge reminds me of this fact every time.

Years down the line, with all affairs complicated if not ruined, can’t help but wonder, “what is love”? What is this irrational, unexplainable feeling? Longing, wanting, yearning for the comfort, companion, approval of another soul. Breaking into a wide smile at the thought of them in public meetings, even when a serious business is being conducted. We don’t know definitely, what this feeling is. We only know what gives us this feeling. Yes, a person. A person’s bewitching looks, heart-piercing smile, astonishing and unwarranted care towards us. All these and much more than I can describe now because these feelings are only but vague to me now.

Love to me now is a precarious situation one should dread with every fiber of his being. You can say its wonderful, soothing, bla bla bla. But can it be juxtaposed with the cruelty and disdain that comes with it, if not reciprocated? Only a fraction bask in the goods love has to offer. A large number of people in love today can’t be together because life and nature have fated them apart. They give up their love for family, tradition, religion, and even something they had no control of like genotype. Another large fraction has this grave feeling for one who wants another or is even with another. Some, even though are part of the lucky ones have had to give it up or endure hardship based on the lies and cruelty of the partner.

So, the little ones that have found love and love has found them, are they to enjoy this fate while others crave and only dream of this ever-scare commodity. If you ask me what I want for love. Spontaneous I would say, let’s purge this curse from our soul, erase this feeling and belittle it to not even a memory. Let’s have the love of God our Father as the greatest form of love and elevate the love of family and friendship. These forms of love have the source of comfort and companionship and care we could desire. But after a second thought, I would say, let it remain a mystery because that’s what makes it beautiful as we find it in that special person. I would hate to lose the memories of the good times I have had too.

Even if love can be cruel and unfated, it’s still the most beautiful feeling logic would never do justice to. 

What is love then? I will let you know as my search continues.

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