It was past 10pm that Saturday night at the hostel and as most guys were about sleeping, there came the noise. It had initially started as a gentle conversation then it grew louder into an argument and then a heartbroken pitiful cry:
“After everything I’ve done Sarah!”
The natural silence that accompanies a night made every word perfectly clear and we all that are yet to sleep wondered what happened. The usual guess was that the lady ended the relationship and the guy couldn’t believe his ears. I laid restless on my bed and began to wonder all that had happened until that moment but my sleepy eyes worsened the whole thing. I was finally able to create my own version of the story.
Tunde never expected his birthday to be burdensome this year. The previous year had been different with several gifts from all sides in form of airtime, cash transfer to his bank account and lucky for him, his state of origin had just paid their bursary that same month. This made everything smooth and the whole celebration was a lot more than perfect. This year was different and the reason being that his younger brother just gained an admission into UNILAG so his initial income became halved for both to share.
Sarah had called him a day before to ask how they’ll celebrate his birthday and where he’s taking her to. Tunde had explained his situation but Sarah never believed him probably because Tunde had never acted broke ever since they met. In order to please his amazing girlfriend, Tunde sold his hp laptop to a friend of his at the sum of #25,000. His uncle had promised to get him a new one early that year but Tunde never placed his hope on that.
His birthday could finally meet up with Sarah’s expectation, Tunde thought. They both went out and the whole day was filled with fun. They were lucky to have gotten a cab from the main gate because it was 9:45pm already. They highlighted at Idia hall and discussed for a while as they walked towards the small gate behind Independence hall. Sarah suddenly stopped with an expression showing she had an important thing to say.
“What is it?” Tunde asked
“I….I need a new phone ‘cos this one (raising her tecno tablet) is old already and it’s giving me headache.”
Tunde heaved a deep sigh then responded,
“I will see what I can do”
Sarah wasn’t satisfied with his response and Tunde could see that look on her face.
“Look Sarah, we are both students and you of all people should know my current situation. I still have debts to pay and I don’t even know how I’m going to survive the next few weeks.” Tunde paused then continued, “You’ll get another phone but just chill till probably next month.”
“So even next month isn’t sure….” She paused then continued, “Look Tunde, if you know you’re not that capable, why have a girlfriend in the first place. Can’t you see what your mates are doing for their babes. I mean… Look at Vivian’s boyfriend, he bought her an iPhone without her even expecting it. I even called you last week for my department’s dinner and all you could say was that there’s no money.” She paused, hoping Tunde would at least say something but he remained quiet. She then continued,
“I think it’s even best we end it here if you know you can’t keep the relationship going”
Tunde suddenly reacted to that statement;
“End what Sarah?…..End what? After everything I’ve done!”
I was finally able to sleep after long imagination of what happened.

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