The Moon is a Limbless Dumb Man

Maatla Seetelo-ed8caf69

I sat on my grandmother’s stairs and watched the full moon
I wish it could talk
I wish it could tell me all of the secrets it is keeping like maybe who kill Papa Abike
Do you know what other satellites call me? the moon suddenly spoke
No, how would I know? I replied
They call me a limbless Dumb Man
I can not say how you can hear me but I do not talk
If I could talk I will release some of these secrets that leave me bloated, full, and uncomfortable
If I could talk, I would tell you that it was Abike that spiked the drink that killed her father
If I had hands, I would have taken a bit of myself and pelted it at that hoodlum that raped the little girl at the church
If I had hands, I would throw a punch at Wasiu that stole from the old woman that runs the small store
If I had legs, I would run so fast and hurled myself in between Obiagu and his father to stop him from stabbing him
I wish I could even turn off my light just for a minute put the world on a pause
I gave light unwillingly to the new prophet as he killed and buried the old prophet under the dual-tree
I gave light to that father that raped his daughter while his wife slept
I gave light to the group of thieves that raided the community hall
I gave light to Asake and Tobi, they made love for the first time by the stream
I am not all that worthless, the African
Moonlight stories would not exist without me
Oh and how about the moonlight dance at the village square
If I could speak maybe earthlings would have made judges of nightly crimes
Have you ever been overfed and uncomfortable but nothing would come out when you squat hmm? No, relieve.
I love it when I am a crescent, the secrets are few and I can put up with them
When I am full, the full moon you all celebrate,
I am unhappy, an overhead moon begging for release hmmm,
I can not say how you can hear me because I do not talk,
Do not go after Abike, you have no proof, no witness.

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