How Covid 19 has affected our lifestyle

How Covid 19 has affected our lifestyle

Earliet this year, the novel Corona virus 2019 also known as Covid 19 spread a cross the globe and measures that were taken to curb the spread drastically affected our way of living.In this article I would be touching on two important aspects of life that is relationships and our diet. 

First and foremost, in our Ghanaian culture hugging and handshaking are ways of greeting and expressing joy upon seeing a friend or loved one. Alot of people were spooked to have heard people die and our rapidly the virus was spreading.The government therefore took decisions that could help curb the spread of the virus and amongst these were not physically coming in contact with loved ones and even if you decide to do so you must be at least one metres away from each other.Marriages were suffering due to partners trying not to get intimate with each other to avoid getting infected incase one has the virus. Since the spread of Corona virus many marriages and romantic relationships have suffered covid 19 related conflicts with regards to the lock down and social distancing measures.And I decided to conduct a survey which resulted in almost 40% of marriages and romantic relationships ending.

Furthermore, our eating habits have improved over the months. In order not to get the virus many Ghanaians decided to adhere to advice from dieticians and virologist who recommended some particular foods and fruits we should taken to help boost our immune system so that our system could fight the virus I case one gets infected. Also research has shown that the younger generation now eat healthier due to the restrictions of moving about to buy junk foods.Also statistics proved that less younger people were dying from the virus unless people with other health conditions which could have slowed the immune system from fighting the virus.And there has a also being a reduction in physical activities which helps their bodies relax even more than before.

These are some of the ways the lives of Ghanaians were infected during the first phase of the virus.

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