The rate at which several females, both young and old are getting assaulted and raped is on the rise more than ever before. This is not to  say males are not victims of rape because for a fact, they are. Recently, in Nigeria, rape has been the order of the day. As sad as this is especially to the women and families of the victims, some people still decide to blame the victims for the mishap.

Below are some of the causes of this incident as put forward by some certain people:

*They were wearing revealing clothes so they deserved to be taught a lesson*

I’m not in any way saying it’s a good thing for the females to expose their bodies or dress in a certain manner but what a person chooses to wear should not be the business of anyone. By the way, what happened to their rights of expression? Did these assaulters forget that dressing is a form of expression?

Who gave these rapists the post of a ‘lesson teacher’ to do as they please to females? Okay, let’s assume those that dresses in a provocative manner deserves it, what about the children that gets raped? What part of their body is being exposed for these monsters to rip them apart? What about those that do not wear revealing clothes that get raped?

You wear shorts, you get raped, you wear a maxi dress, and you still get raped! What then should females wear? Sacks, huhn?!

*They are night crawlers, they deserved what they got*

Peradventure you share the above mentality, I beseech you to change. Whoever said walking at night justifies rape? What about those that never walks at night but the one time they did, probably as a result of a situation out of control, they got raped. What about them? Because we cannot always have control over our activities, no one has any right to assault females.

Okay. Late night justifies rape, abi? What about those that gets raped during the day? How is that their fault? What should the females do now, evacuate the Earth?

*They don’t mind the places they go to and the friends they keep*

So, trusting a fellow human being is now a reason to get raped? Socializing with those you know is now a justification of rape? Is that what you mean? Okay. What about those that gets raped right in their own homes? What should they have done? Lived on trees or fly in the sky like birds?

There is no justification for rape whatsoever. No woman deserves the pain and consequence rape brings. We are humans too. We deserve to be loved. This act must stop!

The reason why rape is on the rise is the lackadaisical attitude of most men. They do not care about what happens to a female so long as she isn’t someone they know. This shouldn’t be!  Is it until it becomes the turn of your daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend or niece tomorrow before you rise up to stop this vile act?

Some men also lack empathy. Empathy in what sense? They haven’t for a split second put themselves in the shoes of the family of the rape victim or even the rape victims themselves.

Give a microphone to a father whose daughter was raped, let him tell you how he feels every time he looks at his daughter, broken.

Give a microphone to a husband whose wife was raped, let him tell you how his marriage life changed and how he feels whenever she refuses his touch. He can’t blame her because even he can’t understand the trauma she has been through.

Give a microphone to a brother whose sister was raped. Let him narrate how strong he has to be for her so she’d learn to live in the society without self-pity.

Finally, please, if you would, and if she’d agree to a discussion, give the microphone to a rape victim, let her tell you how much it hurts to be broken, to look at herself every day and replay the terrifying experience in her mind. Let her tell you how many baths she has a day to wash off those filthy hands that tore her apart.

Ask her how she sleeps at night with more than two bedcovers and yet, she curls up in bed, scared and insecure. Ask her about the justice she got after being raped. Listen and hear her speak. Feel the pain in her words and see for yourself if she doesn’t deserve justice.

We often hear of several rape cases, many of which we hear little or nothing about the justice gotten for the victims or the offenders fate.

This has to stop. Now! If we fold our arms and watch these monsters continue their evil act, we endanger the lives of our loved ones and that of our children unborn.

I say no to rape. You?

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