Last night was for Linda whose tune of love excitement awoke the sleeping forests. Lo and behold! …six rounds of sex. But what is my concern?
Nevertheless, tonight, uncle shall return with plumpy Mercy and I shall spy through the keyhole.

Oh! It was not like yesterday, my eyes greeted the vixen of the moment with the fury of sun. “Oh! This night is for conversation! for conversation!”

“I am pregnant, this is the test result, four months and some weeks”
Voice seized from close range.
My eyes gazed uncle’s mind, though it was murky. “Uncle must be rummaging his mind for a celestial reply” I thought.

Suddenly, pandemonium broke out and silenced the pleading breeze, argument ravaged the air. “It is for Danjuma” uncle denied.

Now, not a friendly curse from the two sides. Ogun and Sango did not awake from their tranquil sleep in spite of their names colliding in the flustered breeze. But Esu was at work. Their curses appalled my heart not once. “Who is at home to plead for this hapless bird?” In spite of the stormy raucous of a slut, the alert forests hibernated.

“I never promise to marry you” uncle lashed my ears with his voice of whip. Chapter closed.

Alas, a child will be born, head for uncle, dark-skinned like Danjuma and others for Alien.
Alas, an unfortunate child will be born by a promiscuous mother to a licentious father only if not for a shithole.

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