Hurrah! But has Nigeria gained the truly deserved independence?

Hurrah! But has Nigeria gained the truly deserved independence?

Fifty-nine years, a well-known nation is yet to halt dossing around. Day after day the sole question still remain when will this country be better? Some people even go further to ask, are you sure it will be better? However, with the current level of poverty amongst its citizens, corruption, religion and ethnic crises. One shouldn’t find it hard to extrapolate, hastily, that Nigeria as a nation has failed.

This is yet another October 1, Nigeria’s Independence day. Nigerians, as usual, have begun to wish themselves on the internet and streets with the cliche “Happy Independence day”.

My take on Nigeria’s Independence has lingered for year, the questions I continue to ask myself are; has Nigeria gained the true independence, when will this nation, so called Naija gain the independence she truly deserved?

However, to many, the struggle for liberty ended the day sun set on British rule, I also subscribed to that common man’s false idea. But not to remain a victim of that wrong ideology, I cautioned myself.

Fifty-nine years, hurrah! It truly call for celebration, yet it is not too early to start asking ourselves some simple yet thought-provoking questions. What are the good fortunes those who rule Nigeria after the colonial masters brought to Nigeria? Nigerians are yet to be independent, if you will agree with me. The founding fathers of this nation doesn’t conceived it this way and they may never, for once, have imagined what will ensue would be terrible. Those who spearheaded the struggle for liberty from the British so that Nigerians can lead Nigerians, could only feel bad to see that many Nigeria’s leaders are not selfless, they are rapacious, apathetic. Why won’t they feel bad when those they struggled for are no more law-abiding, trustworthy, even God-fearing.

An Independence day should not always bring to our table the stale tales of the past, but rather fresh hope. It should be a day to celebrate countless fortunes. A day to brag in front of the colonial masters and allow them to see by themselves the growth and development of a nation they can never dream of. Alas, at least there are still some things to show only if they will be willing to see.

To this present, the phobia I have for this nation is of life threatening one. How can you imagine a fifty-nine years old woman with many dreams, yet no sense of direction. She has millions of children. Some in schools, some know book, some never depend on their brain to write exams. Some have graduated from universities, polytechnics and colleges yet they are unemployed and underemployed. Some are even both local and international swindlers, they have been caught in all corners of the world. Some are predators, they kidnap when it gloom and in daylight. Some earn living from alms, some are Olosho, Babalawo. Some are even righteous, they hide under the tent of religion, from there, they molest, extort and deceive. Some are politicians, avaricious politicians. Some are international criminals, Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and the like. Their common dream is to ruin their mother until she craved in. Some of her children just returned from South Africa, they were victims of xenophobia. How can you live with this famous woman who has begun to claw back since October 1, 1960.

Well, Happy Independence from the colonial masters, but to be candid, the true independence Nigeria can and must celebrate, is the independence from the oppressors, rapacious politicians and bad leaders that continue to suffuse on the terrains of our nation.

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