When they asked the Sun his origin,
he brood over it for years.
When the question crept to the Moon,
she asked the Stars.

The Stars ferried the question to the Sky, the eye of the earth and the knower of all.

So, they got to the Sky.
The Sky said they should return to him when river Niger demystify its mystery.

Then, they carried the mystery to her.
They prostrated and knelt at her feet.
She wept after they chorused
what they were eager to know.

‘You have come to the wrong creature, you should ask the colonial masters,’ she said and began to wail again.
The Stars were perplexed,
they wondered what was amiss.

‘Oh! My visitors’ she began,
“They have come to give me another language. My culture is in dire need of air, behold, it will die soon, weep for me, weep…”

They were bewildered more and more by her endless miserable cry.
Yet another mystery.


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