Nocturnal Homo sapiens

Nocturnal Homo sapiens

Nocturnal Homo sapiens

They came one January midnight
When our snoring was perfect
Soundtracks to a still night.

I was five or six years then,
They broke our door with just a kick.
A door made with the strongest wood.
It broke beyond repair and that night,
They carted off our last hope.

Last month, they posted
A dreadful notice on a wall.
Day became night.
Fire like that of inferno took over
The nook and cranny of our streets.
Plaintive shrills of whistles could
Be heard aloud and aggressively
As they pierced grim darkness.
Last month they resorted to their coops.

Some days ago they returned,
They left not an iota of hope.
They spare not Garri not to mention Tuwo.
Somewhere they carted off a pottage full of meats.
Somewhere they pounded young and old women soft.
Somewhere they shot babies in the eye
And cut off genitals of indigent fathers.

Tonight they shall return.
They will steal our hope yet again.

They are the nocturnal Homo sapiens;
The idle men in daylight,
The highwaymen that live in earthly paradise,
The serpentine that hide in the cloak of darkness.
They are earthly gods that mar sweet nights.

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