The ark has been nailed,
To set forth is what we await.

We shall be saved again. Albeit, we merit His wrathiness but on this ark, His mercy shall prevail.

The ark is set, the cumulonimbus cloud is about to weep bitterly, bitterly that the earth might burst.

Hey! Call the Northerners with what they understand, bring in the southerners. For this ark, you shall be saved when the deluge begins.

Hurray! Let’s Merry in anticipation for His mercy. The cloud imitated the order and began with thunder, the cloud is no more disguising, now it appears like hell.
Our ark and earth will burn to ash if this claim us.
Save us for your wrathiness is looming.

Save this ark for we are sinners.
Save this ark for our mind is dark, burnt by sinister thought.
Save this ark again for we have ate countless of forbidden fruit.
Save this ark for we are weakness covered with flesh, we are evil preaching holiness, we are corruption begetting corruption.
Save this ark not because we merit it, but for your love.
Save this ark for hell is about to claim our earth.

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