The Gift of New Age

The Gift of New Age

The Gift of New Age

The dearest one, one thing amongst others a child never forgets is age. Despite the youngness of a child’s brain once he/she knows his/her birthday, the child would remind his/her parents even when they seem to remember. With the eagerness to fulfill the promise made to friends concerning the new age one would do every possible thing to convince one’s parents to celebrate one’s birthday once again.

For this child what might have brought the date back to his/her memory might be the values that do not go beyond new clothes, party, cake, photo-shoot and what have you. All these added together would continue to be the reminder that brings to this child’s mind till he/she finds a new meaning to celebrate the New Year.

Life is stages. And “age defines stages.” What this child would have in mind when he/she remembers the special day soon changed. This signifies that this child has morphed. That is, the child has gathered new senses for growing, and he/she now has new meaning for aging.

What I am trying to evoke here is the stages one might have gone through and what one remembers as the hands of the clock point towards one’s day. I mean the day of one’s birth. A person might think that it is a day for regaling. Some people might agree otherwise — it is a day to think of death. Should we even agree with them that it is a day to count one’s achievement in life?

Whatever take you have on every new age, such take should not keep wisdom and achievement at arm’s length. Moreover, as you add a new age to your age once again, dwell with the new wisdom and experience which are lagniappes that come with it every year. Achievement may be revered beyond the hinterland. However, forget not as you continue to strive for the whole wealth of age (experience, knowledge, wisdom and achievement). It is the most revered.

Happy birthday!

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