Their riveting lies are intoxicating. Now resulting to an endless public disillusionment.

In this treacherous homeland,
dawn breaks to find many busy toiling.
But only to flounder in bottomless pit.

They will soon be here to mesmerize us with their sugarcoated words when power returns to the chattels’ thumbs.
And the citizenry would deny their minds yet another ticket of freedom.

Perhaps we are jinxed.
They keep the unfettered mouths to rot behind bars.
Perhaps one day the weak’s voice would be heard.

They shall return again and haul gaudy Naira to polling booths to guide our thumbs on what we seem to know.
And the watchmen would proclaim in haste, the cleanest free and fair… in history.

A country with many heads
Where the rich robs the poor!
This is where we have chosen to live.



Photo credit: Mariano Sayno/



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