(Rest in perfect peace Emiliano Sala)

Listen to us!
Open your ears for we are echoing our voices.
We are about to set forth our journey.
Those who set theirs yesterday are now wailing in your embrace while their love ones staring at you with sorrowful eyes.
You uprooted their hope and planted back a frightful memory they dare not to recur when smile run across their faces.

Oh! This road, the friend of Ogun when your belly is not yelling for its delicacy. Blood and tears are its sacrifice.

Our blood shall not quench your thirsty,
Never shall our ambition begin to end on your smooth or undulating back.
We are not prey, we are made up of His mercy.
None of our fruits shall meet his or her fate when you famishedly roar—journey mercy at all hours.

As we ply, to return is ours and to shine our eyes on our refuges again.

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