It is 3:45pm. Zebra and I are naked on the bed with the hotel blanket covering more of her than me. She is cold. The fan above has been working on us for more than thirty minutes. 

When I told Zebra about my plan to propose to Girlfriend, her eyes popped out like boiled eggs. Then she said

“Longteeth, you are mad”

“I am not”, I had answered, “We will just pretend as if we are doing something and let her catch us. I want to shock Girlfriend” 

“You are mad o. It will not work” 

“Don’t pray bad prayer. I am going next week”, I said, “Will you come?” 

Zebra is my childhood best friend. I like her. Very much, but as a friend. She had picked De Santos hotel and even paid for the room. When I asked why she brought me to the belly of Agẹ́gẹ́, she said she likes the swimming pool. I had smiled. The hotel has a catchy name. It will remind you of a book cover about the downfall of a Spanish gang master. 

When we got to the hotel, I could taste the quietness that sits on the environment. The painting on the building shone like the colours of a chameleon with its scattered patches of various stones. 

Zebra begins to grumble

“When the Blood Brother say he will call you?” she says

“He said he will send message when him and Girlfriend gets to the hotel” 

Zebra comes down from the bed and begins to wear her clothes.

“Wait now”, I tell her, “But Girlfriend is not here” 

“Longteeth lets change the plan”

“To what?”

“Where is the ring?”

“It is in my trouser pocket” 

“Wear your trouser and shirt”, Zebra orders, “If Girlfriend sees us coming out from the hotel, she will still be shocked” 

As I finish doing my belt, I receive Blood Brother’s message… 


As we come down the stairs, we see Girlfriend rushing at us with her eyes like hell fire. She is shouting, not at me but at Zebra who is eyeing me to start the proposal. I think I am too slow because Zebra is soon bleeding from her nose. 

Behind angry Girlfriend, I go down on one knee. She is still beating Zebra but I do not call her. I want her to turn around and see me. Zebra does not fight back. The only thing she is shouting is “See mumu. Look at your back”, as Girlfriend drops bombs on her head. 

When her anger has finished on Zebra, Girlfriend turns to see me with the wedding ring. I give her my sexiest smile. I look into her eyes, waiting for her to put her hands on her mouth like those Indian movies. But Girlfriend does not smile, she does not laugh. She does not even cry like those television girls. 

Girlfriend walks up to me and gives me a dirty slap… 

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