Individual responsibility over collective apparition

Individual responsibility

I have never believed collective responsibility in any way tosses aid — in whatever form it manifests itself — to social issues, in the face of individual irresponsibility.

I consider it false and pseudo-moralistic to claim you are plagued by a society which has given to you, no matter how minuscule, things to survive on, like many others before and like you, yet refuse to fix the personal qualms which make these social gifts difficult to either understand, appreciate or make use of in the most judicial ways possible.

This, I think, is evident in how places like Nigeria are structured. You are poor, but you blame the challenges of the society for your condition. What are the chances that you’d not revert back to poverty even if nature offers you something to do better for yourself?

When the scriptures make the case that a man who is incapable of handling small things can rarely or never handle big things, my sense of that passage always remains that individual responsibility de facto one’s worthiness to take on the wiles of external issues.

I as hell am not willing to let you handle the power to socially determine my fate, when I know you can barely determine your very existence even with a gun lined to your head.

We must take personal responsibility for ourselves and our own actions. Being victims and claiming it, trying to change others by government control will only build societies so dysfunctional that everyone else would get broken, and those left would be those who’d created it, but they’d be too weak and unwise in themselves to fix what they’d destroyed.

Then again, social systems are difficult to build, and even more so to sustain. But it is very unwise to pick out a 97% functional system, and decide to tweak a change into it for its 3% flaw. Chances are higher that you’d only crumble the entire system. And chances are even lower that you are smart enough to rebuild either the old system or the new one you aimed to perfect.

But more so, it is appalling to presume two things….

1) that you can radically force change into a system through an outright overhaul just to make a 3% change become that of a 100%.

2) That a dysfunctional individual can bring about a functional change in a complex functional environment.

What say you? How about you run your ‘social change’ plan on your life alone first? This way, when you get hurt, it’s just on you?

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