Yes You!


Yes You, I am scared. Daniel never replied.                                                                                                                              I have come to a realization that I won’t see him again.                                                                                              Numb!                                                                                                                                                                                          He won’t ever tell me “you will become a star” with a cheeky smile plastered on his prepossessing face.                  Pain and anger cussed through me.                                                                                                                                          Vast barren meadowlands,  dead empty flowers scattered and dried. My heart is a representative of them.

Yes you! I am scared. Death is really daunting.
“Sorry, we lost him” the doctor said. My parents face became ashen with grieve.
Then and there filled with shock, I wished doom to the world.
Feelings faded for the world as I mourned for my dead.
Empty cries. They shed them on the couch we once played on as kids.
They ate and drank as they cried then danced to the music playing in the background.
And I questioned in agony “Why should they eat, drink and dance on his death day”
A voice replied “The dead are dead and life goes on. It is a pattern”
Arctic Truth!

Yes you i am under the glacial tree with a lit incense still mourning my dead.
Oblivion and sorrow drenched in me, i wished evil for all happy ones. Even You.
“You are not the only one who have lost a loved one”
A voice thundered, the blue sky darkened underneath his voice. Leaves from the tree detached at high speed, not considering their lives. Rot mixed with death permeated the air.
An enormous shadow covered me. I glanced up fearlessly.
I am weak on my knees. “You!” I croaked.
The Grim Reaper!
Ravens danced above him in the sky, scouting out for more bodies. Wisps of his hair burnt right in front of me , the flesh on his face erupted in fire too and he changed. I let out a scream.

Yes you! Blinded by rage I rushed towards him but he held me in place with his scythe.
It sizzled and teased life out of me.
It stopped! I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Follow me” his methodical voice commanded.
You thought I wouldn’t but I did. You screamed at my stupidity.
At the edge of the irregularly shaped ellipsoid. I saw reapers moving in and out of earth with bodies who followed them with resignation.

Yes You, i am a curious one. You are stupefied beyond words.
“Why Daniel? he was good and lovely”
He casted a cold yet amused gaze at me.
“Good and bad doesn’t exist for me. I reap as the game player sow”
We stood five inches apart. A new skin coated his face. He looked human now, I moved one inch closer.
“You could have done something” I whispered. “Why the good ones though?” A tear slipped down my face.
He closed eyes. “We have no control over these things. They just happen”

Yes you! The edge of the ellipsoid cracked and I almost fell to my death. He caught me with bony fingers.
“My time is up not yours” His voice resounded.
I smiled bitterly “Can you send a message to Daniel for me?”
He nodded yes in response.
“Tell Daniel I am still scared of the future and it scary how people die these days”
He turned and I returned. My incensed still in place like it was never blown out. The leaves on the tree whispered amongst themselves like they never experienced death few seconds back.

Yes you, i walked into my house and picked a pen.
Blank white space with a heading waiting to be filled because yes you should grieve but it not the end of the world. Move, do something, leave a footprint on earth… A lot of words to be communicated.

© Dhimma.Ayogu

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