Is Life Really Binary?


If life should be viewed in a colour wheel, it gets boring when we have just black and white splattered across each sect of the wheel. Binary they say is this or that, yes or no, white or black, one or zero and as long as the list goes. However, this doesn’t make life binary. Not at all.

A period in our life, everything looks gayly and fabulous feeling all good and worthy to be true. We are like the happy-go-lucky and care free lad that doesn’t worry cos everything is set. in fact, we see our plans coming to actualisation and we become lords of ourselves.

At the other side of the coin are times we fall off the ladder, looks like the cliff is now too shaky to keep us firm. They are period when everything seems to be bleak and total darkness with no hope of light at the end of the tunnel. We find ourselves going round and round and round the same thing. Nothing to smile or be happy for.

Nevertheless, these are situations that gives meaning to life; that defines the concept of life and the varying colours we can find in the colour wheel as we describe and tell tales of our life to people. 

Every situation has its dynamics and what makes it peculiar. That explains the importance of the colour wheel. Each colour be it a lighter shade, darker shade or the original, speaks volume and significance. 

Therefore, calling and describing life as just black and white or one and zero describe it as starting a stage, moving up, going back to where we began, moving up to where we fell from and round again. 

Life really ain’t binary!

We fail to rise, fail again to rise higher than our previous glory.

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