Morning Coffee



I rushed out of my apartment again this early morning so I could get a dose of my coffee before I miss her. The urge today was strong, I could not help the heavy tug in my heart since I woke up this morning. Brushing the thought aside, I jugged lightly to the coffee shop. It has become my daily routine and I have not seen a need to stop adoring my coffee every day that passes by. Walking briskly along the road, I stopped just opposite Karima’s coffee shop and waited. There was no need to go in because my coffee will soon arrive so I waited at the spot where I always do.

Anticipating her entrance, I jugged on the spot while making sure my eyes never left the shop. Seconds turned into minutes and I knew something was up. I became sure when I had been on the spot for 60 minutes. I began to panic, what is happening? She is never late. Am I not getting my coffee today? How will I survive the day? These thoughts and many raced through my heart as I waited with the tiniest hope hanging in my heart. But she was not forthcoming. 

Then, there came a dilemma; if I don’t leave here now, I will miss the only train going to my place of work but I still needed to get a dose of my coffee. My mind battled as I heard the sound of the training signaling its arrival. I have two minutes to work down to the station, get a ticket and find a seat in the train. But here I am still waiting for my coffee. Sooner than expected, the train signaled a warning to leave in the next minute. There was nothing I could do, I ran down to the station with the heaviest heart anyone could ever weigh and jumped into the train just as the doors were about to close. I sat down in an unoccupied seat and cried like a baby because I was certain my day could never go any wrong.

After what felt like forever, I received a tap on my shoulder, certain that it was the train official who wanted my ticket, I grudgingly raised my head from the table and began “hey man, I’m sorry I couldn’t get my…” “is everything okay?” I was interrupted by a voice that sounded so soothing I could cry again. I looked up and behold! My Morning Coffee was standing just by my side with her hand on my shoulder. I could never have imagined nor believed it if I was told of this encounter. With every sorrow washed down by her concerned face, i smiled so wildly that it got her so confused. Before she could register the situation, I held her hand while whispering the name Coffee. I gave her knuckles the softest kiss my lips could offer. She was flabbergasted as she stood motionless on the spot. But I cared less because I have just taken the best morning coffee you could ever give me.

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