“Hey, hey, hey, just drop that down. Put that pistol down. It doesn’t have to get to this stage. Jamal said to Lanna who up till now haven’t said anything yet. Both of them have been standing 2 metres apart from each other for the past five minutes. Jamal wondered why a beautiful lady like this one would want to take her own life. It just felt surreal to him.  

Jamal had decided to give himself a break from all the fishing and sailing he has done for the past three weeks. Not that he doesn’t like his job, in fact, he derived joy going into the sea with the older farmers in the village “but today is a day of relaxation”. He told himself. Picking up his backpack that contained a bottle of water, some food, two towels, his journal and his camera. He set out to Tsaben beach wearing a white tee shirt and a short designed with blue splashes. He completed his outfit with a white canvas and a blue pair of socks. 

Getting to his destination, he felt elated at the calmness of the beach and the sound from the waves as the waters swished and swashed against each other. The view of the beach was beautiful so Jamal brought out his camera and took different shots of the beach. Playing with the camera, he captured the back view of a female who seemed to be in her late twenties. With brown skin to compliment her origin as an African, her hair which was left down was long and felt thick from afar. He appreciated the view and walked up to her. “Hey” he called with a smiling face and captured her face when she turned. She looked at him for a few seconds and went back to rummaging her bag for whatever she was searching for. He observed the name Lanna inscribed on her bag. “Hmm, what a nice name” he muttered to himself. Receiving no other response from the lady who he had decided to call Lanna, Jamal let her be and found another spot a few meters away from his hostile beach friend

Setting out his beach towel, he brought out some food and focused on eating before anything else. His attention however was drawn towards Lanna from time to time and soon, she stood up from her seat and moved nearer to the beach. He could tell she had a tall height which was moderate for her curvy body. Lanna turned to look at Jamal and he gave her a small smile. It soon faded as he saw her swinging a pistol with her right hand. His eyes widened as he saw her position the pistol directly beside her head. With speed like lightning, he ran towards her but stopped abruptly as she cocked the pistol and pressed it even closer to her head. 

They stood there looking at each for what felt like eternity and Lanna burst out laughing. With the pistol still beside her brain, she began,

“Should I drop this piece of metal? Are you ready to accept me the way I am cos the likes of you have failed in doing that? Will you condemn me because I am a woman who does the opposite of her gender? Tell me, is it a crime to be a woman, what then is the purpose of my creation if I can’t speak up to air my view because we’re in the world of men and men are the head?

They’ve all tried to shut me up and close me down because I challenged them. They said I can’t be tamed because I am possessed by the Mami Wata. I am not worthy of life because I held my head high while men passed. They couldn’t tame me so they decided to break me by defiling me. I was held down by three men while they took turns with me. 

I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me bow my head in shame just to swell their ego”. 

At that instant, Lanna pulled the trigger and fell immediately leaving Jamal in a state of shock as he tried to comprehend what had just occurred. 


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