People’s lives during Covid-19 era

People's lives during Covid-19 era

I believe in that every year has its special event, the special event of year 2020 is Covid-19 disease. Some of people see that Covid-19 has affected badly on their lives, but others see this disease was a chance to change their lifestyles to be healthier.

After covid-19 the many things in life becomes so virtual such as; shopping, working, interviewing of jobs, learning, meetings, scholarships, and others. Many people have bought their needs online. A lot of companies make their interview, working and meeting virtual.

The disease has main and painful side-effects, one of it is the spread of layoffs; many employees lost their jobs. Many people are suffering from depression and loneliness. Others missed their close persons; parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends. There is much tears fall out in this period. Many borders have been closed. A huge number of job opportunities have been lost. A lot of restaurants have been closed.

Although the negative points of this disease but it still has a lot of useful, comfortable and good points like that the nature and the earth could take its breath, the pollution has reduced, and the climate become well because of lockdown.

Recently, many initiatives have emerged to help elderly people who are unable to shop on their own or who need help with household matters. Also, a large number of young people committed to home isolation to protect the elderly from the risk of infection with the Corona virus. This showed us that in a time of crisis, we need each other.

In light of the preoccupation with work and life matters, some may forget and others ignore their social relationships, whether with family, friends or neighbors. Now the one family sits together, demonstrating the value of friends in one’s life. The human being is a first-class social being, and the current isolation has caused some to rearrange their priorities again.

With schools closed and children staying at home, families can use the time to cement the family relationship by engaging in group activities such as games, sports or cooking. These activities bring family members closer together and may be an opportunity to forget differences and solve problems together.

There are those who suffer from stress and tension, whether in their work or studies. Home isolation gave them some calm in their lives, as it gave them the opportunity to get away from the daily stress and rearrange their thoughts.

It also gave others the opportunity to discover some of their hidden talents, as experts say that boredom may push some to innovate. If you feel bored during home isolation, you may discover your talent for cooking, drawing or designing things. You can also use different applications to learn a new language or attend virtual lessons at a university.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. The pleasure of a warm drink, relaxing on the sofa or reading an interesting book may be all that a person needs to recharge and reach internal balance.

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