Thank You Don Jazzy


For every millennial & gen Z, the catchphrase “It’s Don Jazzy again” was a prelude to something magical & iconic. I once heard a story from Vien007 on how during school days, DonJazzy will always go around with his staff of excellence 😂and behaving like a Don that he is and oh boy, he did live up to that impression!

Don Jazzy deserves a whole lot of praise for his longevity at the top of the game. To own a label that has produced several A-list artists overtime n now is something outstanding.

Across the Atlantic, Jay Z got inducted into a Hall of Fame n that made me think why don’t we celebrate our own legends??  This is someone that aside from being a Producer, a Label executive n all is a good human as indicated by his numerous contributions to the lives of people that we all see online.

Anyways Don Jazzy, irrespective of you getting this or not, I wanna say thank you for everything you’ve done! Your name will surely be amongst the legends of our time!


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