The Girl Full of Smiles


With a smile, she strolled in and with a bit of a bowed head, she said hello.

The first incident above will always be golden in the head of this writer as that girl full of smiles now has this writer experiencing first hand what love is!

Quite after the first encounter, we became just talking friends if I may term it that way but due to the friendly nature of this writer and the girl full of smiles, we became real close and oh boy, affection began to set in!

We got close, started talking into the late nights, had a couple of eat outs and then this writer started “shooting his shots”. The girl that is full of smiles got the message, pretended like she didn’t because this writer did not “Sorosoke” yet but in so doing, she got charmed by the sweetness of this writer and she started returning the love signals to this writer.

Then the burst my head part happened! This writer picked up his pen and composed a poem & recited to the girl full of smiles over the phone and told her how he feels towards her and yeah, it sure got to her and after soaking in all the love, the girl full of smiles confessed her love for this writer and we both agreed to be together the next weekend.

The fateful weekend came and after seeing each other and got talking till late into the midnight, this writer asked the girl of smiles if he can kiss her and with a nod of head and a cute smile, she whispered yes and that fateful kiss that this writer will forever cherish sealed the love between this writer and the girl full of smiles.

But as they say, no love story exists without its own challenge and in the near future, this writer will continue this story highlighting the issues threatening the union of this writer and the girl full of smiles.

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