Available to fill job vacancies.

Available to fill job vacancies.

I turned 21 days ago and it didn’t feel like I got a wake-up call or something but the fact that I’m on my way to 25 just became more visible and truer. I have always wanted a job, the dreamy, heavily-paying one which I would enjoy doing but I never seem to find it. I have written for a couple of online sites but the wait needed before getting paid is gruelling. I have worked at a restaurant and got paid instantly but the stress almost killed me. I have taken on some reviewing jobs and I get to be stressed over a lot just to be paid little. I don’t know if I am just a lazy human or I’m searching the wrong places. I need a job. I need to start seriously figuring out my financial footing before my academic time is up. I have so many plans and things to do but I need to earn to achieve them.

Okay, I will manifest. I want to work for an online magazine, writing articles and taking photographs, doing interviews too and a little investigative journalism. If they have a fashion section, even better because I am a walking pitch. I could write about cooking too, I have a cookbook I’m currently working on plus numerous food-related stories I have to tell. I have a lot of random things in my head that I really want to tell others via a large platform. It’d be a yummy bonus if this magazine had an office, I want to have a reason to wake up excited every morning because I have somewhere to go. I really need a job because it’d add some sort of definition to my life rn. If you have anything I might be interested in, please reach out.  

Let me pitch myself a little. I can write, I take dope pictures, I can cook, I can review, I am an average graphic designer, I can style you , I also have a diploma in interior design, I understand two foreign languages averagely and I am quite outspoken. Thanks.

Illustration by Abbey Lossing

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