Content Creation and Contentment

Content Creation and Contentment

No, this is not a post about being content with the content you’re creating even though you should be. This is a post about knowing when enough is enough when you’re creating content.

A few years back, the words SEO and content creation permeated the social space and was really being talked about. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to find out what it was but I never did. I have a hazy understanding of these things because I never did the finding out. We all know what content creating is nah. It is basically creation. of. content.  Content that could be made up of literally anything. Your life, books, food, fashion etc So, it is safe to say we are all in this creating business together. 

Using myself as an example, I used to have a bookstagram page centred on books I have read, a blog about places I’ve been to or just experiences garnered while going out. I was enjoying these things because I had a lot to share until I realized I was fashioning my life according to the content I’m putting out. I was always putting together how I would write about something while I was still at it, not enjoying the moment for myself but the content. Scrambling to get the perfect pictures and not calming down to savour the moment. I was constantly thinking about the next thing to write, the next caption and call-to-action question. I could be on a bus and I’d be listening to the conversations just because I need tea to spill on my blog. I’d be at the market and I’d be hunting for stories. I was never satisfied, always hungry for more. As time went on, it became tiring and it felt like an arduous task to sit at the end of the day and write out the long thing in my head which I have carefully curated.

The point is if I hadn’t put content making at the forefront of everything I was doing I wouldn’t have run out of strength to do it. If I was purely enjoying each day for myself, writing about it later would be an easy thing to do because I wouldn’t be pressuring myself. I realized this at an art gallery I visited alone this week. Initially, I was really there for the pictures of the artworks I was going to take and when my phone wasn’t saving the pictures because of storage issues, I was rattled. I wasn’t concentrating fully on what the tour guide was saying anymore, I was busy ‘clearing space’ for pictures I might lose if something happened the next minute when I should be concentrating on the works and their meanings. This little situation almost ruined the whole experience because there was the need for pictures nibbling gently on my heart but at the end of the day, I realized that if I don’t have any pictures or write a post about it, it doesn’t make it less of a beautiful experience and I need to lay down my need for content making out of everything and enjoying the moment.

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