Marriage, the way it’s meant to be

Marriage, the way it's meant to be

The topic of marriage is no small feat to cover in just a few strokes of a pen. It is a scary
thing to even think of to some, while to others, it is solace for better days. I remember before I
got married, it was something of a tug of war between team “Marriage is important” and team
“marriage would slow you down, and make you unhappy/limited” or any other adjective they
could have thought fit. Personally, I wanted to get married, not because I felt it a necessity, but
because I couldn’t think of any better way to show my commitment, and love for my significant
other. I have heard so many people, especially our modern day millennials disregard the place of
marriage, and disavow its importance, and good sides.
It can’t be overemphasized- the place of marriage. When I was younger, a friend of mine
once said that the only reason why people should get married is to procreate/engage in sexual
activities. Every other thing like comfort, companionship and the rest can begotten outside of
marriage. Being religious people, this made part sense because we believe that sex outside of
marriage is wrong. However, as I grew up and fell in love with my significant other, I got to find
out that it wasn’t just enough to be ‘together’. The need to have sex aside, I wanted more, and
that much more you can only get when you’re married. It is easy to claim undying love for a
person, but there’s this type of assurance that comes with knowing that this person considered
enough to take you in front of other people to tale a vow to be committed to you.
I can go on to list all the wonderful attributes of marriage. I would take the most important to
me- partnership. A partnership is the association of two or more people to conduct a business.
Now, in marriage, this partnership comes in such a way that it is evident that one person can’t
cheat off of the other person. Whatever is a good for one person directly or indirectly links to the good of the other person. In a business, or in an ordinary relationship, because both of you aren’t
linked to each other (the primary link in marriage being the fact that you share the same surname,
and the world looks to you both as the same), it is very possible for one party to go on a self-gain
program, and no matter how deeply rooted that partnership is, this betterment only affects one
side of the party-the winning party.
It is quite refreshing to have it at the back of my mind that I can be winning without doing
much work. But, like all partnerships that thrive, marriage requires effort from both parties
involved. These efforts range from a variety of things like finance, support, care, etc. it is very
easy for a marriage to turn sour when only one side keeps providing everything required. A
balance should be found. Relegating one particular aspect to one person, say finance to the
husband, and affection to the woman would do that partnership(marriage) no good.
Responsibilities should be evenly shared out between both parties, thereby making it very easy to make up when one is lacking.

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  1. I like your topic. It’s interesting. However, what you meant to write in your topic is it’s not its. It’s a nice attempt. Your structure is fair. Next time, work more on your sentences to achieve maximum effect. 16/25

  2. Of 25, you have 15.

    Your message was well passed. You would do a better job, however, if you pay more attention to your use of punctuation marks.

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