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I tell stories and today I have decided to tell you a short one I title flipping the pages.

Story is a young amazing humanitarian,you cannot go through life without her being involved in everything you do. She journeys with you through it all.

The good times,she’s there, the bad times,she is solidly behind you. Never leaving nor forsaking you. 😃

One day as she journeyed with her friend CJ,she noticed he was unhappy and thought it wise to encourage him.

Hey CJ, you look so unhappy. Okay, I know you are aware my name is Story but I’ll like to tell you why I was named STORY. My mum of blessed memory, gave me the name and she told me an inspiring thing about the name and that Is exactly what I want to share with you today and it’s your duty to pass it on to the next unhappy person…

My mum told me that the process of birthing me was uneasy but she was glad she stayed strong through the process. To a very large extent,it made her stronger she said.

She told me me that life is a story,oftentimes it displays in chapters. A chapter may be intriguing, suspense filled, inspiring, thrilling, exciting or comic filled. She mentioned that you don’t stay on one page because you enjoyed it the most. You must keep flipping the pages.
Ironically, the pages doesn’t end till you’re no more.

At this point, CJ cuts in
“No more”? He asked starring at her looking confused
“YES,no more” She replied.
“How do you mean?” He asked.
The day you take your last breath. The pages end on this day.

He looked at her and gave a sad look but after some minutes,He said to her.

I really needed this word today.

Thank you for listening and it’s your duty to pass it on to an unhappy person you meet. Keep flipping the pages CJ. She gave him a warm hug.



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