Up in the North

Up in the North

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For hours, Arewa trends on Twitter, flaunt wealths


 Up in the North


Up in the North

      is the land so vast and green

      but clansmen look so pale and grim

Up in the North

      is the ambience so warmth and pleasant

      but life could be so risky: by chance, shunt or chants

Up in the North

      is the terrain so plum, ploughed and lush

      but the hearth seems so dried, slippery & harsh

Up in the North

      are Nature’s bounties in abundance

      but sure all look so worn-out — wasted boons!

Up in the North

      elites look so furnished…relish! and well fed

      but fair complexioned kindred so seem sacred

Up in the North

      ‘being’ is so classified and defined

      that only few’s lives look so refined

Up in the North

      is where a vast majority work to feed few

      or as if to throw the wide world to a feast. hewes!

Up in the North

      many bridges across upon which your eyes ‘ll feed

      yet none seems connecting masses’ field.

Up in the North

      life is so beautiful that regalia suits only the elite

      and so brutal that even skins of the kin do not fit.

Up in the North

      fertile is the land and the sky

      but excruciating looks of the clan can make one cry.

Up in the North

     peace and war live side by side

     that you become hyper wary to avoid slide.

Up in the North

      survival, at the break of unwanted, is at the expense of

      your heel

      because the rich ‘ll surely have no wound to heal.

Up in the North

      harmonious you think it could be

      but fear is the welcoming breeze

Up in the North

      “…Is the island of wealth

      adorned by poverty”


     in the North

     is the birthplace of a race’s wealth ambassador

     whose clansmen live in penury;

     the centre of a nation’s wealth

     that leave the whole nation to rot

North is nought

      For it is written in Malachi…’fear North!’


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