In the Beginning

Like man, writing has evolved throughout the ages. From tokens to pictographic signs, to phonetic signs, and now alphabets, writing has undergone marked changes to ease communication.  Language experts say that to become a well-rounded communicator, one needs to be proficient in each of the four essential language skills which are listening, reading, speaking and writing. While the first two are referred to as passive or receptive skills, speaking and writing are active or productive skills. Language learners and users get to apply their active skills to produce the language. A lot of emphases is placed on speaking, and indeed today, public speaking has become the rave, the must-know, and the must-have skill.

The Neglected Sibling

In light of this, many people tend to neglect their writing skills. As such, one reads books and various reports that are riddled with typographical and grammatical errors and can only wonder why there cannot also be another rave—public writing, perhaps. But what if it does already exist? The instant you write that article and post it online, it has become public. When you write that report and submit it to your lecturer or boss, it has become public. When you write that e-book and share it online, it has become public. When you write that manifesto and distribute it amongst the audience, it has become public. When you write that CV or application letter and send it to various organisations, you have made it public!

I can’t take this anymore!


Unfortunately, it so happens that one rarely has it all, and while some people excel in all four areas, others are constrained by one or more language skills. As such, a lot of people who are not sound in public speaking hire other people to do it for them. The trend continues as people who do not have good writing skills have other people write for them. Now, there is another set of people that writers need to make sure that their work is error-proof—editors! This is where we come in.

Introducing EDITNOW!

At EDITNOW!, we give more meaning to your documents. While some people see editing as a tedious and utterly demanding job, we derive the utmost pleasure in transforming crude works into polished and professional pieces.

We are a team of young, passionate and professional editors—you’ll meet us in due time—and our goal is to overhaul the long-standing mediocrity in the area of writing. Today, it is saddening to spot grammar mistakes in academic materials, supposedly written by elite academicians. It does not speak well of the gown, for if the gown is down, where lies hope for the town? At EDITNOW!, editing is second nature to us. Allow us to relieve you of the eye-straining and mind-numbing job of editing, while we bring out the quality in your work.

We’ve Got You Covered

That is not all! EDITNOW! is more than a platform for proofreading your documents. It is also where you get helpful tips that will boost your career and professional life, tips that will help you in writing winning CVs, credible grant or loan applications, professional business plans, and more. As part of our offerings, we will be partnering with our parent brand, Tell!, to organize online training in the core areas mentioned above. EDITNOW! has got you covered.

Let’s Get Started, NOW!

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at https://editnow.tell.com.ng and start making use of either our web or WhatsApp editing feature. It’s fast, affordable, discreet and convenient. Interact with us via social media:




You can also contact the editor-in-chief by sending an e-mail to editor@tell.com.ng

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Deborah Okeke (deBee),


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  1. Spot-on, Toheeb. Your black-and-white metaphor is very apt in capturing the use, and effectiveness, of writing in expression.

  2. In today’s world, the need to express one’s mind in black and white is as important as being able to do so verbally. They complement each other!!!

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