We’re Aware That Life Took Us Unawares

We're Aware That Life Took Us Unawares

Like that night dream in ancient Egypt… Where the Pharaoh saw the episode of cows of different sizes, so have these times become.

Seven fat cows…full and flourishing. Feasting on the reality of abundance. So we were. Feeling good about life and all it brought our way.

Everybody was trying make things work, even though the pandemic makes it seem like life was easy and effortless before now.

Relationships were in bliss. With every text, picture and call missed, making both parties become closer like the posture they assume when they share a kiss.

In those days. Those days of plenty…when there was everything in surplus. When emotions and sanity didn’t really require much discipline and diligence to preserve. Those days when life seemed progressive, although somewhat linear, everybody knew what was next for ’em. We should have been serving our Fatherland by now.

But. The Pharaoh also saw a counter reality. The same number, but a sharp twist of fate. So has life become for us. We can’t pinpoint what exactly we did different, but our fate has been tweaked.

Uncertainty runs rampage in the minds of men. Joy seems to now have grown wings, and needs to explore outside the cages of our hearts, with the way it is here today, gone tomorrow.

Our sanity, our pride. The only hope of our lives. The only assurance that we can be ourselves, do ourselves, whenever we want to. How can life threaten our weakness?!

I guess Life is ignorant of the battle advice, “If you attack a man’s weakness, it doesn’t show strength. It is evident of cowardice.”

Life is such a very subtle Warrior. It didn’t attack our relationships. Left us alone with our jobs. Paid no attention to our plans and goals. Afforded us the luxury of being busy even when we should be resting.

But. It made us believe all was well, while it carefully aimed for our minds. Crippled our sanity…and while we struggle to keep fit, it tweaks our emotions intermittently. We still don’t understand why we need to make triple our usual effort to even be less joyful as we used to be. All we have to settle for is pieces of our peace of mind which was broken by the pressure of uncertainty. Anxiety is now our default mood. Hope has come crumbling down, with each day we spend with unproductive routines.

These are the days of the lean cows. When we grapple for scarce resources.

Although some had Josephs in their lives, others didn’t. Some prepared for the economic downturns, while Life came with psychological stress.

But…we’re getting to the end of the tunnel, and our hope shall be restored. We’ll get back to winning ways, and our results would leave no trace of the space the pandemic created.

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