The Yellow Submarine


They say all you need is love…

What is love indeed? I must say...what does it feel like?

 Pardon my inquisition but when all I’ve known are the blue meanies, the concept of love is hard to digest.

But still, why does it hurt when the mere thought of people leaving cross my mind?

And why do I like that pain?

 Guess when all you know are the blue meanies…pain is love and vice versa.

 The colour blue…blue like the sea.

 Like the sea drowning the little me.

The little girl who believes in love,

The little girl behind the walls, the little girl behind the tower surrounded by the sea.

Submerged by the tides, barely breathing.

When will the Yellow Submarine visit again?

To bring love and light and all the fuzzy feelings that feel good inside.

To bring hope and a bit of giddiness and a dash of happiness.

Will the yellow submarine ever come once more? 

To contrast all the blueness, just a bit of sunshine, one might say.

Or has the Yellow Submarine been submerged in the deep deep blue abyss.

Well what do I know?

When all I’ve known are the blue meanies… 


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