Till then


Till then

The tides of emotionless  waves of emotions come to the shore called my mind.
After being tossed about…among the waves…almost torn apart but yet not feeling a thing in the process
An abyss is found…at the bottom of the emotionless waves of emotions
Plunging deep into the darkness…falling deep within
Grasping on to things..hope…friends…love perhaps but all seems to be so feeble in the act because I seem to fall even deeper
Falling deep within the abyss and myself…tumbling past buried treasures and cursed boxes to be never unleashed
Till there is, at last a bottom…to lay my head till I’m totally consumed by the darkness and what also lay in the darkness…maybe arms to give myself self love but it’s never enough…most suffocate me in the process
Till I’m nothing but an empty shell of myself
And there i stay till love manages to pull me out of my self dying within
And I’m saved
Till next time the tides come to visit once more
Till then…I shall wait…till then…I shall cling on to feeble hope
Till then…till i can no longer be saved anymore
Till then….

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