The King Makers

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Ep 6

The three of them were astounded by the voice. They did not foresee anyone seeing them in the bush. Àyànwálé turned back and he saw Àlàrí who squatted with her head bowed, not ready to catch the prince’s glimpse. Oyèrẹ̀mí and his guard walked up to her. He ordered her to raise her head.

“Who are you and what are you doing here at this hour?” asked the guard.

“I am Àlàrí, a maid to Olorì Àṣàkẹ́. Pardon my gut, your majesty!” she pleaded timidly.

“So, why did you call the prince like that? Don’t you know you could be killed?” said the guard.

“I have a message for the prince and I would be very grateful if he allows me to talk.” Àlàrí decided to let the air blast and divulge the anus of the fowl. “…my life is on this message and I am ready to lay it down for you, your majesty,” she said and bowed.

Àyànwálé quickly walked up to where they stood and nudged the guard aside,

“Please, tell us. What is it?” he said.

“I was sent to some strange men outside the palace by her royal majesty, olorì Àṣàkẹ́. She instructed us to offer them some gifts and a symbol. The symbol encloses a dagger, gun powder and an empty shell of a snail sheathe in a stripe of red cloth. By this moonful time of tomorrow dusk, the prince would be feasting with his forefather.” she went on her knees, “…my lord, please flee from the palace as quick as you can tonight. They are already on their way to your quarter.” she added.

The three of them were frightened. Oyèrẹ̀mí glared at Àyànwálé’s eyes, he saw unrest radiating in them like a luminous light of summer sun.

“But, Àlàrí, why are you telling us this?” Oyèrẹ̀mí asked as he was hoisting her from the floor.

“My prince, I value your safety and I know you are the one who can rule this town peacefully. I am the elder princess of Asúkúná town. Your father and my father were comrades. The cruel people colluded a war between them without your father’s knowledge because of our natural resources. Some of my people were slaughtered while some were nabbed as slaves by Balógun Dúrójayé. I did not have the luck to meet your father because he has been poisoned by Olorì Àṣàkẹ́.” she was crying. She told them about the relationship between Baṣọ̀run Àjàyí and Olorì Àṣàkẹ́. In her conversation, Àyànwálé and Oyèrẹ̀mí learned that Prince Adégòkè was not a biological son of the king. He belonged to Baṣọ̀run Àjàyí who submitted Olorì Àṣàkẹ́ to the king.

“…I want to go back to my town and launch a new life with my people.” she spurted into tears.

They heard someone landing from the bush as he was stepping on the dried leaves to where they stood. Àyànwálé shushed everyone and all of a sudden a guard who knew Àlàrí convened them except the prince’s guard who had ducked behind a tree that faced them.

“Who are you, people? What are you doing here, Àlàrí? The guard challenged them. “I think you suppose to be with the queen, why are you here?” he asked.

“Good evening, sir. We are her friends from the town and she has a business that needs a private conversation with us,” said Àyànwálé.

“A business? Which kind of a business?”

While he was probing them, the prince’s guard stealthily stepped behind him. He draped his face with a cloth to avoid his noise and Àyànwálé clenched his legs. Oyèrẹ̀mí took out a knife from his pocket and he shredded his throat like a ritual ram. He was trembling, shoving every stone and rolling up and down in pain. Everywhere including Oyèrẹ̀mí’s hands became red and stain with his blood.

“Your going back to the palace is not safe. Will you be going with us?” Àyànwálé asked Àlàrí who was throbbing from the incident. The four of them fled through the bush and abandoned the body there unburied.

Oyèrẹ̀mí’s quarter was invaded as Àlàrí said. The two hired assassins could not find anyone in his room. On their way back, they met Àjọkẹ́.

“Who are you people?” she asked but she was feeling panic seeing their physiques. Instead of retorting to her question, one of them clutched her onto the wall and the second one stroke her chest with his knife. Her body thudded on the floor and her blood galloped to the entrance of Oyèrẹ̀mí’s room. They flew through the bush behind the quarter and no guard saw them.

Olorì Àṣàkẹ́ entered the king’s room. She looked everywhere and clapped her hands. The king could only see but couldn’t mumble a word.

“Adégbolá! Can you see your life now?” she strolled majestically to his bed. “You don’t feel like things can drive out like this, or do you? Ever since I’ve entered this palace, you never have my time. I know that I was given to you out of your will. You don’t ask me to hang around as well. You always tell me to quit anytime if I want to, but here is the wealth. The money and the power. And you want me to leave this kind of a beautiful world? Never! For a rat not to eat poison, he would rather sprinkle it everywhere. You love your wife and your only son very well. Where are they now?” she swabbed the king and laughed wickedly. ” …I ask you, where are they? See, you’ve done enough on the throne and it is time for you to join your ancestors. Allow my son to begin his regime.” she stood up, smothered the king’s neck and made sure he had died before removing her hands.

“Kabiieesi! Kabiieesi!! Kabiieesi!!!” she wailed and fled out of the king’s chamber, sobbing and telling the guards that the king had died. Everybody ran in and found his royal highness lifeless on his imperial bed.

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