The King Makers

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Ep 7

The Palace was dark and filled with wailing. Olori Àwẹ̀ní had cried and tears no longer shedding from her eyes. The chiefs assembled in the king’s court, bereaving the loss of the great king and her daughter.

“We need to investigate the death of the princess. Or we should fortify her corpse. The killing in the royal household is too much. So many princes have died without knowing exactly who killed them. In this same town? We shall fortify the princess’s corpse.” said Iyalode.

“Exactly. You are right. Let her corpse remain unburied for seven days until the ritual is finished by the priest. She would avenge her death and kill the evildoers.” added, Ọ̀tún.

Basorun looked toward where olorì Àṣàkẹ́ sat shedding bitter tears for losing her husband and a step-daughter. He jerked his Agbádá and cleared his throat.

“Whoever says Princess Àjọkẹ́’s and other households’ princes’ death is not painful should also murder his daughter or son and wait for the agony. It is a painful thing for a young to demand a death garb from his parents. May Èdùmàrè recoup olorì Àwẹ̀ní’s strength to bear the loss.” He cleaned his eyes off the imaging tears.

“We will not fortify the corpse of the princess because of the king. We all know that we will perform a seven days peaceful rituals for the king and we can not say that the priests should leave the king and start with the princess. Let’s accept fate. May Èdùmàrè stop evils in the palace.” he said.

“Àṣẹ o”

They all agreed with him.

Otun was trying to get what was happening. He did not want to interrupt Basorun but he knew that he was defending the case. He saw calmness in olorì Àṣàkẹ́’s face; he was not pleased.

The chief priest was informed by ọtun and Asípa about the whereabouts of Oyèrẹ̀mí which they were aware of through Àyànwálé. He also told them about the future calamity that would rain in Ajégúnlẹ̀ if they fail to enthrone the right person.

“There is the divination of Ogundagbede in the palace. They would steal the whole world if we fail to curb them. It is what Ifá said this morning” he informed them.

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