The King Makers

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Ep 8

Ọ̀tún and Aṣípa were left alone and they began to think about how to curb the devilish act of Baṣọ̀run and his alliances. Aṣípa tried to send one of his private guards to Àyànwálé to inform Oyèrẹ̀mí’ about the death of the princess and to ensure that he stays hidden for the time being.

On his way to Ajíbógun town, he met one of the spies of Baṣọ̀run who secretly followed him to where prince Oyèrẹ̀mí had been hiding, The guard saw Oyèrẹ̀mí and he bowed down to pay his homage

“Long, may you live my prince, Chief Aṣípa has sent me to you, to tell you that your sister, Princess Àjọkẹ́ is dead and for now you have to lay low and hide very safe so that you won’t give Baṣọ̀run any heads up of your whereabouts”.

Èèwọ̀! Oyèrẹ̀mí shouted in anger and stood up with a grievance. This madness has to stop. Elédùà knows I’m going to kill Baṣọ̀orun and Olorì Àṣàkẹ́ and make them pay and drag them to where they buried my father and the princess and ask for forgiveness for what they have done.

The spy saw Oyèrẹ̀mí and Àyànwálé and he hurriedly went back to Ajégúnlẹ̀ to inform Baṣọ̀run of what he saw.

“Ọjọ́ tí a bá rí ibi ni ibi ń wọlẹ̀!” Baṣọ̀run shouted and commanded a few of his guards to go to Ajíbógun village to kill Oyèrẹ̀mí and Àyànwálé and bring their heads.
“Olorì Àwẹ̀ní will have a lot to mourn”, he concluded.

The sun was at his peak of burning. Everywhere was hot as an oven. Then, he shifted a bit and hid under the thick black clouds. The cool breezes blew up and the trees danced in frenzy at every touching of the winds. Oyèrẹ̀mí was busy packing and preparing to leave for Ajégúnlẹ̀.

“My prince, you can’t just leave for Ajégúnlẹ̀ like that, it’s too dangerous,” said Àlàrí.

“No, I have to leave, Journey can’t be like Home and someone has to stop Baṣọ̀run before he ruins the whole Town. Àyànwálé o, let’s go.”
He made his way to the entrance and left with Àyànwálé. Àlàrí quickly put down the basket in her hand.

“No, no, I can’t allow the prince to go by himself”, she looked up ” Eledumare, what’s happening”? Let your Àlàáfíà be with the prince, she prayed silently. Secretly, Àlàrí followed them.

They left for Ajégúnlẹ̀ unknown to them that Baṣọ̀run had sent his guards to them.
A thousand questions raced through Oyèrẹ̀mí’s mind as they walked through the rocky mountains.

“Àyànwálé, I can’t believe that Prince Adégòkè is a bastard”, Baṣọ̀run is such a hypocrite man.” Oyèrẹ̀mí broke the silence that had been travelling with them since they left.

Àyànwálé remained quiet, instead, he rubbed his hands on Oyèrẹ̀mí’s shoulder and encouraged him, ” I know, when you claim the throne, everything will be alright”.

Baṣọ̀run guards were fast approaching Ajíbógun village when they met Oyèrẹ̀mí and Àyànwálé on the road and before the both of them knew what was going on, alas! they were ambushed on their way.

“Who are you?”, ” Who sent you?” asked, Oyèrẹ̀mí.

“We are here to kill you, you and your best friend have to die today,” said, one of the guards.

“Were you sent by Baṣọ̀run Àjàyí?” Or ” Olorì Àṣàkẹ́?” Àyànwálé questioned them.

“That is none of your business, Àyànwálé”. A guard replied.

” We are to bring your head or we lose our lives,” said, their leader. “You guards! bring their heads”, he shot into the air.

They began to fight and one of the soldiers fired his gun toward Oyèrẹ̀mí but Àlàrí appeared from nowhere, pushed him and used her chest to receive the bullet. The guards ran away and Àyànwálé chased after them.

” No! Àlàrí” Oyèrẹ̀mí shouted

Oyèrẹ̀mí cried and held her tight in his arm, ” I’m sorry”

“Don’t be sorry Oyeremi, I’m glad to have died instead of you, My Prince.” she was breathing heavily.

Àyànwálé came back from the chase. He met Àlàrí in the pool of blood. He did all that he could do to save her but her eyes were frozen open in an empty glaze. Oyèrẹ̀mí cried and shouted into the air, ” Àlàrí oooo”


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