Iranse opened his eyes. His room was covered in gross darkness. The only source of light in the room was the red light peeping through the power indicator of his extension box. His heart leapt for joy knowing that the light from his extension box indicated that there was power supply. He quickly reached for his phone which was just beside his pillow, plugged his charger in and decided to go back to sleep since it was still deep into the night. Just as he was about to lay on the bed, he remembered.
“Iranwo pass the ball to me!” Iranse had screamed on the top of this voice. His team was trailing by a goal to one and they were in the final seconds of the game. For some strange reasons Iranse felt his team could not afford to lose the match; it was as if his life depended on it. Iranwo finally made a through pass to Iranse who now had only the goal keeper to beat. The goal keeper charged towards him. Iranse knew he only had to chip the ball over the goalie considering his height and his distance from Iranse. It was as if the world was paused for a minute. Iranse could only watch in horror as the ball travelled past the goalie, the goalpost and the stadium. He heard the wailing sound of the referee’s whistle and then it dawned on him that they had lost the match. He couldn’t reconcile the fact that he hit the ball with the intention to chip it over the goalkeeper but instead the ball went farther than his legs could ever send it. Just then, Iranse noticed that he was in a game and the face with the control pad was a very familiar one. Souchi! Iranse’s favorite artist. But, he wasn’t looking like the cute, handsome, fresh celebrity Iranse was used to seeing in musical videos and on social media platforms. He looked pale and disorganized. It seemed as if he was being controlled by something. Just then Iranse noticed a huge cylindrically shaped brown object behind Souchi. It had no eyes yet had a fierce look, it had no hands, legs or mouth yet it gave orders which Souchi followed to the letter. When Iranse gave it a closer look, he noticed that on it’s body was the inscription WEED
Innocent Iranse went back to sleep wondering what this seemingly stupid dream could mean.

©️ Emmajosh

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