“Purpose: Setting Forth at Dawn!”

"Purpose: Setting Forth at Dawn!"

One of the wonders of planet earth that has held me awestruck hitherto is the Sun. Apart from the fact that it is the most important celestial body, man has come to appreciate it because it sustains all living things on Earth and any interruption to its daily motion would have serious implications on mankind. It’s revolution, formation, age, structure, composition and overall history have made for me a beautiful wonder to behold!

Amidst several theories and models in explaining its origin, such as the ‘Vortex model’, ‘Weizsäcker model’, ‘the Nebular hypothesis’, none has been able to explain succinctly and in exactitude, the emergence of the Sun. This, undoubtedly tells me that a brainchild exists behind this awesome creation!

Every creation from the minutest, feeble-looking ant to the gigantic ship on the sea is created for a purpose. Similarly, every man born with a modicum of talent is not made to trifle with what s/he has and has a duty to give it an expression for service to humanity.

Among several theories that have been propounded to prove how the Sun evolved, none has claimed that it is manufactured. Therefore, I can safely posit that it cannot malfunction and truly, it has never! The Sun has a purpose and interestingly, it knows it. It is appointed to mark the day time of a 24hour cycle and it knows the time of its going down as well. In the same vein, every man has a specific and unique purpose that has to be fulfilled before he goes down of reverting to what it was originally made from- dust!

The Sun, knowing what it is made for, maintains this singleness of reason. It never competes with the Moon which is marked for months and to keep track of seasons. Neither is it ever beset with gloom because of being upset by the Moon’s sassiness. They maintain their course without a vengeful desire to outshine each other. For in doing this, they both maintain the essence of their existence. This brings a lesson to the fore that many have turned out rather inglorious in their various life pursuits due to an unholy intention to outdo others in what they were never called for or made to be.

As good as knowing early what to do is, it is also better to set out early. After all, no one is rewarded for his mere good intentions no matter how grandiose it may be, but how well these good intentions metamorphose into rewarding actions. One can build the greatest castle in his mind but this wouldn’t earn one an honorary mention in the Guiness World Records.

It is true that procrastination is the graveyard to good ambitions. Just as the Sun never delays its rising -for in doing so, it will cause a disruption on earth’s life processes- a man should never slack in outlining his goal to reach his zenith. Otherwise, a loss of equilibrium is inevitable in human affairs. Setting forth at dawn offsets the mighty gridlocks and jams that could be on the highway of achieving purpose. Hence, the need to set out early! The dawn -early hours of the day- marks the rising of the Sun. It doesn’t continue to laze on its blanket of warmth when mankind is expecting its rising! The Sun does not hide under the beautiful covers of the stars of moonlight. Whether a cold or warm day; bright or dark cloud during Summer or Winter, it steps out fearlessly to give light to the inhabitants of the earth, knowing fully well that in it lies the earth’s energy and consequently, its existence. Every day presents fresh hope for any one to rise high like the certainty of the tides!

The impact of a man on his world is not measured in the magnanimity or littleness of what s/he has to offer, but in setting out early and breaking grandeur grounds. It is as a person finds this revelatory essence in what has to be done without delay that inspiration is birthed for greater manifestation. There is no purpose one is made for that is better in any sense than that of another, not even the lunatic on the streets. The pathway to shining bright globally and eternally is in maintaining the course that has been earmarked for one and staying consistent to it. The moon shall always give light as long as it stays in alignment with the Sun!

I wake up each morning with a fresh vitality, telling myself that this isn’t a time to be cloudy and sad when mother nature laughs around, with the deep blue heavens beaming happily and gladness breathing from the blossoming ground. So, I’ll hold fast to my dream, for if it dies, I become like a broken-winged bird unable to fly, and like a barren field frozen with snow. Therefore, I must cling earnestly to it. The Sun comes out when it is hidden behind clouds. And when the clouds disappear, it reveals the lustrous brilliance of the Sun. So must I, hastily disperse the gloomy night clouds and put to flight death’s dark shadows in whatever form they may come with a holy boldness and determination.

Every one has such capacity to shine brighter than all the constellation of heavenly starts put together, should one be able to find out what one is made for and set forth at one’s dawn!

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  1. A fair attempt. I feel it could have been better if you’d gone for simplicity and clarity first. Remember, the purpose of creativity is to make your work easier to understand via the projection of vivid images. This can only be achieved with simple sentences.


  2. Not a bad one. Learn the use of it’s and its. Also, isn’t it singularity as against singleness? Fair attempt albeit. 16/25

  3. Of 25, you have 16.

    You still need to master the use of comma. But you did well, nonetheless.

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