50 years after the Nigerian civil war: the Nigerian youth, the dove with the twig.

50 years after the Nigerian civil war: the Nigerian youth, the dove with the twig.

The Never Again Conference on the “Nigerian Civil war : 50 Years After” is holding at Muson Center today, so, let me add a rejoinder from my corner here. It feels so good conversations like this are still afire in the country. One truth that is inexcusable is that a lot has happened: it is 50 years after the civil war and 60 years after independence. Well, in as much as one wants to feel super excited about being a Nigerian. The Nigerian thing still feels like a geographical expression to many. It is what it is. There is really no point to fantasize the Nigerian dream when it is in fact a nightmare. It wasn’t so from the beginning.

I have heard a first-hand version of the greatness of this country from Prof. Akintoye, a revered historian and first republic politician. Banking on the wisdom of Prof. Akintoye and without mincing word, this country is not where it ought to be. And for records, Prof. Akintoye is one of the few elder statesmen agitating for what is right, fair, just, and transparent in this land.

There is hope. Indeed, there is always hope. In the brightness of this hope there is no doubt that it is the youth of my generation that must be the dove with twig in her mouth. There is a challenge that can be matched and ahead a generation that is about to try. Don’t let get beguiled; it will take a lot to get there. It is much easier to fantasize. Commitment towards justice, fairness, accountability, honesty and equity will give us peace and progress. If the predecessor clean up their last mess; the successors won’t make their own. The reality I see with the youth of my generation is that we are mounding our own intellection of purpose rather than a “prefabricated existence”. If there is anything so convincing and assuring it is that the youth of my generation want to be just as much a part of history as our older brothers and sisters.

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