A poetic dialogue by Ojo Tumise and Babalola Ayomiposi

Africa! My Africa!!
You, I love
My cohabitants also do replica
You also, they love.

I love your nature and endowment
And I always cherish it
But their love bring them to denouement
And will always diminish it.

They come like patriots
Beseeching all of us
But afterall, we see compatriots
Alter everything to can of worms.

I am Africa
Endowed with great minerals from above
Every being loves me for I’m blessed.

I strive to please the world
My love for my people wearies not
I’m endowed by the almighty
But why? Why do these people throw sand to my face?

I produce grains for my people to live
But they diminish me- I care less
They appreciate not my adversaries for them
They turn my glory to a lost one
Making my story a long one
What do you do?

My Africa! As for me, I do everything to confect you
But my cohabitants will rather devour
They do everything too, but to defect you
Though your endowment waxes, but we suffer the more.

Africa! You encompass polarity
But the vicious prevail
Won’t I decamp?; obliviate myself of posterity
For my actual love for you is prone to derail.

Oh great compatriot!
Your profound love flatters me
Patriotism, I smell in your confection
Standing for me amongst loots
I commend your efforts.

But I beseech your innocent disposal
To call for a change!
Why will you jettison me at this deadly milieu?
Why will you discard me into the labyrinth of nauseation?

Though your cohabitants angered my tender mercy
They made me enraged with bitterness
My revenge calls but
I quench it with the pleasant water of tenderness
For what do I do?

Again, I’ll shower my love to my people
I hope it overwhelms their unyielding heart
Africa will be a home of honour
I am Africa!

Africa! My Africa!
You love as you are loved
Your tolerance is classical
You alone I’ll adore

Though my cohabitants do you ill
But it moves you not at all
Your tenderness tarries still
Your revenge belays on and on

Then who am I to deviate from your love?
When you yourself still love your frenemies
I promise not to follow them across
For I know there will still be remedies

A mother of valour
Is you, my Africa
You will be a home of honour
My Africa! My Africa!!

(A poetic dialogue by Ojo Tumise and Babalola Ayomiposi)

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