(A poetic dialogue by Ojo Tumise Emmanuel and Abiola Akintunde Evelz)

Ojo Tumise Emmanuel

You alone I know
My Father!
You alone I know to own the throne.

Every one reveres the king
And relinquish to him, tributes
Unto you, they often sing
And they bring offspring too to ring the string.

Yes! You are the architect of the Universe
But Father! Why?
Why do I see controverse among your worshippers?
And dividence in worshipping
The only holy one of the most high.

Akintunde Abiola

All my great messengers
I have sent,
From the Assembly,
They are intrinsically united.
You see,
They have all been sent by the Source,
Your source and the source of all the world’s religions

But living in Separation.
All Ye who believed,
Who believed
Have separated the religions
From one another
And even internally—
Separating everything that was meant to be united, Misunderstanding the meaning and the value of My Messengers and what they were really presenting.

I am that I am
I still remain
What y’all are
You’ve chosen.

Hypocrisy Evolves the earth
I see Judas of believers worshipping me

They’ve given plurality,
To my holy name.
Contestants I now see,
Fighting for my throne
The oracles of their gods
Had chosen them.

Ojo Tumise Emmanuel

My Father!
You said you’ve sent all from the source
But the dividence among your messengers
I still don’t know the source and the cause of the course.

I know we all came from somewhere; just one
And that is your place
But now, the bond has now torn
Everyone from the same place runs different race at their own pace
But Father, to which place?

My Father! You talk of Unity
Which I know we lack
But where will we spend our eternity?
When life seems to turn its back.

Among others, Judaism, Islam, Christianity
Have all been serving as cankerworms
But which one will its members spend with you eternity?
And the neutral, where shall we all go afterwards?

Akintunde Abiola

Tell all the ears of orthodoxy
That you do not serve which they serve.

Then tell those cause of the course too
Nor are they serving which you serve,
Let the dividence die a barren
And make plurality go into Oblivion.

If again they’re in doubt about raising
Surely we created you all from dust

But successful indeed are the believers,
Those who are humble in their prayers
And those who keep aloof from what is vein
What is vain as bugadoo

But whosoever seeks to get beyond that

Only one path leads to
Thy existence
I am that I am,
Only one path also lead exit.

For we shall have Paradise waiting for inheritance
And the seven heavens open to
All ye who believed,
Who believed and threaded in my way.

And where Ye will go afterwards we’ll not decide
But how ye choosed to live will do.


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  1. Religion and Religious Hypocrisy has been the major problem facing our society…. God bless the writers of this piece 🤙

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