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“Igúnugún bà l’órùlé, ojú tólé ojú tóko”

The bald-headed bird
Ugly, alien-looking, as nothing
Mainly eats something dead
Ugh! Is that not disgusting!

“They eat dead things”
Bad reputation across-the-board
“They bring blessings”
The take of others across the world.

You clamour for the ills here
Yet, you hate the Vulture
Why not call it to ensure the ill is cleared
Or better still, you take up its culture.

Without the ugly bird that keeps our land clean
Our planet will be forever doomed
It’ll make our land the prettiest as never seen
What the humans here will never do.

Dead animals cause diseases through decay
But if the Vulture has eaten up the carcass
All the toxin it will cast away
Now would you have a vulture around or Anthrax?

Can our people be like vultures?
And wear our land a new face
Can we now begin to change the structures?
For a world without vultures is not a pretty place.


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