Her house did not seem like hers. Did another room just appear or was it always a three-bedroom flat? The pattern of the curtains was ever changing. She felt uneasy sitting on the leather sofa, like an unwelcome intruder.

She spends just six hours a day in this building. A hotel guest booking in and out. Nothing here felt like home.

A year ago she had waltzed about the empty rooms, her hands in his, his hands on her firm round promise.

On some days, she heard the deep echo of his laughter bouncing off the walls. It frightened her. Most things about him did these days.

He had told her, close your eyes babe. And with lovers excitement she leaned into his chest while he painted every room.

He was good at things like this. Making her see what wasn’t there, and forget even the ground was capable of giving up. A nursery over there for our little cutie, she giggled at this, Oh yes bookshelf over there and…and… a leather couch for morning, afternoon and evening sex, his voice dropping some octaves at the last part.

A promise of a complete family was never fulfilled. Like all her other dreams it had ballooned, slowly but surely and then..
It’s a he!
Nope. She. A pretty thing just like you.

The color red gave her anxiety. The Lord commanded Moses to stretch his staff five months premature. A sea of red washing away evidence of a love.

Today, her co-worker pulled her aside. You need to get your life back together Chi. This..This thing you are doing can’t go on forever na!

Life? What was that? Life was last year. She had learnt the hard way that fate was stronger than faith. And so her conviction that it would work out this time died a tragic death. It did not matter that she had reminded God on the altar that he already harvested two little souls from her.

This one will stay. I know it
I just do. What should we name her?

She didn’t like to rush things like he did. She was cautious: Observe the weather before stepping out, calculate profits over and over. But he bought the prettiest floral crib the following morning. Her scowl dissipated into beaming.

It did not stay. And neither did he.
She didn’t blame them. They were both guests in her life. And now she was a guest in this home he built.

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  1. This is truly an emotional read. I could picture the story in my head, see the emotions waltzing about, breath in the heartbreak. The story telling captivates and actually tells. Kudos!

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