Marketing Strategy For Becoming A Bestselling Author


The phrase ‘bestselling author’ is certainly one of the most coveted titles in the literal world. It is after all an indication of the quality of your work and how much readers enjoyed the words you creatively strung together. Authors such as Chinua Achebe, James Patterson, J.K Rowling, Maya Angelou are some of the bestselling authors whose works have been read by millions across the world.

However simply completing a book is not enough to make you a bestselling author. There’s a lot of marketing you need to master to get there. Especially if you plan on self-publishing.

Marketing Strategy1. Generate Clickable and engaging newsletter: email marketing is an amazing way to grow your audience. Creating daily, weekly or even monthly newsletters for your subscribers establishes a more personal connection between you and your readers. You can share exclusive content such as book release dates, teasers, special announcements, detail the writing process and so on. Bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve Jeff Goins is a master at this technique and attributes his success to his regular newsletters.

2. Giveaway Excerpts: Freebies can be very useful in promoting your work. Giving away excerpts of your newly or soon to be released book is a great way to appetize your readers and give them an idea of your work.

3. Create and Publish Valuable Content: The foundation to becoming a bestselling author is creating massively valuable content regularly for your audience. There are many kinds of content you can create. It’s more effective to capitalize on one or two of these. Content include written words, interviews, features, videos, going live on your social media, podcasts etc. Find what works for you and master it. Once you’ve found the right platform for you capitalize on it to promote your book.

It would be an injustice not to mention that the quality of your book plays a role in becoming a bestselling author. So ensure you finetune your manuscript through thorough editing.

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