Tips For Overcoming Writers Block


R.L Stine, one of the world’s bestselling authors claims to never have writing block! Unbelievable isn’t it? The author of the famous horror series Goosebumps says, “I never get writer’s block.. Mainly because I do so much work before I start to write.”

If you’ve been having a hard time writing, you could try out some of the tips by Stine:
1. Have an outline: According to Stine, the more complete your preparation is, the easier it is to finish the book, and the harder it is to get writer’s block. The plot, setting, characters, down to the most mundane detail, get it all down. Even if you get stuk in the middle of the writing, knowing where you intend to head to, gets you right back on track.

2. Stop worrying about how the first draft sounds: “Sometimes I know the writing isn’t any good. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing uphill and its just not right. But I keep going, because I know I’m going to go back and fix it. But you have to just keep going forward.”

3. Start a Writing Habit: Set a goal for yourself to write a certain amount of words daily. Tell yourself you’re going to write something no matter what. When you show up for your craft, your craft will show up for you.

4. Don’t ever stare at a blank page or screen! Start with notes, your diary or journal entries, outlines. Write something.¬†

5. Share your story before you write: Stine believes that when you tell a person the story, you’ll have a lot less difficulty doing the same to paper.

Which one of these tips would you be trying out?

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