We Don Craze Be Dat!

We Don Craze Be Dat!

When they spoke about us they said it in condescending terms. We were the destined failed generation. Behind my desk in my well ironed ajebota secondary school uniform I looked around at my noisy rowdy classmates as the words of my Civic and Social studies teacher played. You guys will just mess things up!

Right from our baby teeth we were the destined failed generation. For some very suspiciously spiritual related reason we never got things right. We went to school and got properly educated on how heavily immoral, undisciplined, arrogant, disrespectful and unserious we were. A horrible bunch of children because ‘back in the days’ our ancestors studied harder than us, worked (suffered) harder than us, and here we were, we silly little creatures having the audacity to enjoy life. How dare we really???

Arriving in school with air conditioned cars as if the Nigerian sun suddenly stopped working. When two generations ago our age mates would trek from their house to school a whole five hundred, what am i saying? one thousand meters away! Sun has not even burnt our skin before, nonsense! Pure unadulterated nonsense!

Truly, when you think of it that way you understand why it really shouldn’t make sense that we sit at home all day and night, we lazy bunch of creatures and make millions. Never mind technology and global advancement, that is no excuse to be disrespectful. Do you know how old your grandfather was when he made his first one million? Think about it. Now don’t you feel depressed and utterly ashamed of yourself?

Then there is the issue of the hours, days, yearzzz of home training they gave us, only for us to wake up one day and decide it is mad people we want to dress like. Shebi we don craze be dat?!

Is it too much to ask that we simply work hard (suffer) and earn less than all the energy we put in? Or that we calm down and understand the ‘political and social and economic state of things’ because ‘this is Nigeria’. What the elders see sitting at home we cannot see while standing with our big banners. 

What are we even forming sef? Moving around and shouting to be allowed to live. Do we think this is the abroad where you will just arise and decide to start fighting for your any right you want like right to life?? A whole right to life! Aren’t we just a greedy set of Nigerians.

After all, Nigeria has many problems (as per Giant of Africa). All because SARS kills, harasses, rapes and maims young people, does that mean we throw away all decorum (home training) and act like mad people? The simple answer is No! Go to your house, help your parents, work hard, pray for God’s protection and if bullet mistakenly hits your friend just thank God that you listened to your parents and you stayed at home. That day. You are safe for that day alone.


SPEAK UP! SAY NO TO POLICE BRUTALITY AND #ENDSARS #SARSMUSTEND because let’s be honest dripping too hard should never be a crime. 

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