What is UX Writing and How You Can Get Started

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The term UX writing is relatively new, and this may be your first time hearing it. It is the practice of crafting the text that appears throughout the interface of digital products such as websites, mobile apps etc. This text is referred to as copy.

A UX writer is someone who writes to create a seamless user experience. They write the words we read or hear when using a digital product.

Their main objective is to guide the user. They help the user learn about the product and try it.

The unit of the UX writer’s work is called a ‘microcopy’. This is a piece of text that aids the user on what to do. They include: CTAs, instructions, navigation buttons, confirmation messages, error messages, loading screen, privacy stuff, 404 error.


Think of it as road signs. And the website is a highway. The signs give you information on where you are and where you’re headed to. In the same way UX micropies provide you with information. Without them using software and other digital products would be confusing

Companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber make use of UX writers for their apps and websites. You may not know it but the words on the user interface plays a huge role. It’s what aids the interaction between the product and the user.

UX writing although sometimes seen in the same context differs from content marketing and copywriting. Copywriting is essentially writing text for advertisement and other forms of marketing while content marketing involves creating valuable and consistent content to attract a certain audience. Both use enticing words to attract customers whereas UX writing uses simple clear words to explain things to clients using or intending to use a digital product.

How to get started

Now that you know what UX writing is all about, here’s how you can get started. There are different paths to becoming a UX writer.

As with almost anything nowadays you can take an online course to get educated and even started. This is a great start.

Being a UX writer means you’re going to work with a whole team of people. You’ll work with web developers, designers and even the marketing section towards the development of the digital product. So, having a basic understanding of the technicalities can prove very helpful.

You’ll also need to learn how to work with different sets of people in different fields towards   the company’s desire. Acquiring soft skills such as teamwork, emotional intelligence, adaptability, flexibility and a good work ethic will help you stand out in this career path.   

Taking other writing courses can help build your vocabulary and refine your writing.

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