Stuck at home 2

Stuck at home 2

I stood up to go wash my face then I went downstairs to go check out the news what I saw on the news struck me I froze my mouth was wide open has saliva dropped out of my mouth “The lagos government has finally announced total lockdown in the whole of lagos state”the reporter said. I was shocked I threw up at first when I saw what was on the news, I immediately took my phone and called my aunt theresa to buy things from the mall I kept on looking motionlessly I stood up amd went to my room upstairs and took my bathe and brushed I went back downstairs to go check what my aint theresa had prepared she prepared rice I was grossed out and went back to my room I drank a cup of coffee I went back to my room to go eat my pringles I finished it and threw it on the dust bin I came back inside my room and laid down on the bed has I quietly closed my eyes being assured that by july I will resume back to school

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