I was engulfed with the news of gaining admission into college, at first I was filled with excitement because it was like a dream coming true.

The joy of my admission couldn’t allow me to spent a second at home anymore, as I was too anxious and desperate to step my foot into the university.
I felt like been in a different world when I began to settle in the school environment as I moved from one place to another going about various academic activities.

I met Evelyn on a Saturday morning when I went to class to study, as she  was  so easy to talk to, it was like having the opportunity to me with Joe Biden as we shared academic thoughts because she was rated to be a first-class student.

Things took a positive turn academically as I was rated among the best students at my level as a result of my continuous assessment tests and I was optimistic about making good grades.

The unthinkable happened, when I fall ill on the eve of my first-semester examination as I struggled with illness throughout the period of the examination.

My hope was hanging on a balance of making good grades and escaping carryover, as I was scared because of my poor performance during the examination.

I was about to go to bed after saying my night prayers when my phone beeped, and it was Evelyn that was calling, to inform me about the release of the first-semester result. It was a cold evening, but on hearing the news, my heart jumped into my stomach.

when I saw my result, I was mad and reduced to tear not only because of the bad grades, also as my expectations were not met.

I couldn’t sleep at night as I started having insomnia, that was when my head was flooded with suicide and other negative thoughts as I attended committing suicide twice.

But thank God for my friends that noticed what I was going through and help me out of it.

There is always hope when there’s life.

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