Women’s day; Are mothers worth celebrating on women’s day

Women's day; Are mothers worth celebrating on women’s day

Recently, woman all over the world are make waves because they are been celebrated and recognized on women’s day and also the impact they are putting into our society as mothers. But the question is, are mothers worth celebrating on women’s day, specifically here in Nigeria.

Over the years, various individuals and groups have blamed mothers for the immoral behavior and unethical activities among the youths in our society. As a result of the country’s economic distress, they have abandoned their obligations in pursuit of money and as a consequence, leading to several vices and indulgence among the youth.

Peer pressure over the year in Nigeria has risen to its climax among the youth, young Nigerians are now ready to do anything to make it in life or to gain recognition by the present society so as to measure with peers or the to silence the peer pressure.

The youth of our present society are beginning to lost the grit of education and good moral conduct because parents has failed to see the importance of education and the value that comes with it.

Among the various reasons why both internet fraud and part-time prostitution has been on its rise in Nigeria today is as a result of peer pressure. Mothers now openly compare their children with others that are making living out of illegal activities such as prostitution, internet fraud, drugs and other immoral conducts.

Gone are the days when parent admire the little beginning of their children, instead they see it as a sign of failure. Mothers are known to be the custodian of moral up bringing on children but lately that virtue has been lost among most mothers. Positive thinking will let you do everything than negative thinking will according to Zig Ziglar.

Parents, mostly mothers should stop the habits of peer comparison other than improvising on a positive way to better the lives of their children because are easily influence by what they see, hear and feel, according to Lea Tolstoy the two powerful warriors are patience and time.

Mothers should learn how to support and stand by their children and also help them in ever they are doing instead peer comparison which can lead to them making bad decisions in life. Life is good and it could get better.

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